changing the way you feel about data

changing the way you feel about data

Data gets a bad rap these days.

That’s because massive, monolithic corporations have turned “Big Data” about consumers and their behavior into a commodity. Something to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Like oil or soybeans.

But there’s another kind of data too. “Small Data.”

Small Data, when collected properly and acted on strategically, can hugely improve the odds of success for a small or startup business.

This is the kind of data that will help your company grow … help you find new prospects and convert them into customers … help you succeed by defining, measuring, and achieving your goals.

All you need on your side is someone who loves hunting down the success story in your data as much I do.

So what are you waiting for?

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For those with a sharp literary eye, you’ll notice that the silhouette used higher up on this page is similar to the one used as part of the design of the earliest Nancy Drew books. This isn’t accidental.

For me, data collection and analysis is a lot like being a detective, solving a mystery.
I collect the clues from the data logs, ask clients questions, and then piece together the story it all tells.

Only instead of putting somebody in jail at the end, the story I uncover helps your business make smarter decisions faster, putting you on the road to success so that you can enjoy the better things in life.

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Are you ready to find out what data can do for you?

Are you ready to find out what data can do for you?

Data Points Consulting empowers small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs by educating them about the value of collecting data and harnessing its power to transform their business through improved decision-making.

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